Dive Maldives with DUI[product] [u_line]Join DUI in Maldives[/u_line] [/product]November 13-23 2015 or November 24-December 4, 2015 How to describe the underwater experience of Maldives? Pristine. Lush. Vibrant. Extraordinary. These are the only words that come close. Uninhabited islands and waters zealously guarded by Maldivians from commercial fishing provide shelter for dazzling aquatic species in stunning numbers, awaiting discovery by divers aboard Manthiri. Our garland-shaped chain of 26 atolls, stretching 750 kilometers across the Indian Ocean southwest of India, forms a strikingly diverse eco-system. This unique habitat acts as a magnet for exuberant marine life. Our emerald islands, ringed with coral and numbering more 1,190 in the archipelago, house species that run the gamut from blooming Dive Maldives with DUIcorals to big pelagic. It’s not simply the variety and drama of the species but also their sheer numbers that will astonish you. Friendly encounters with fish in the thousands, from the tiniest to the tremendous, are common experiences on the varied dive sites. In Maldives, a decade-long commitment to preserving marine resources results in unsurpassed diving experiences. Armed with the expertise and in-depth knowledge of our expert dive guides, each tour underwater is a treat. Water temperature in Maldives is an almost uniform 83º F to 85º F (28ºC to 29ºC), making dives at any time a delight. Sea breezes command two distinct seasons in Maldives, which enjoys the luxury of being a year-round dive destination. Our custom itinerary is designed for us to enjoy the best of both the northern and southern islands. Visibility in either area is equally spectacular and, depending on current and sea conditions, can exceed 100 feet. Skipper Ibrahim and dive instructor Moosa, exploring the region since their teens, have gained an uncanny intimacy with the local waters, navigating our guests to exclusive dive spots unknown to other operations. Relax on deck - DUISafety is a primary concern on both of our vessels, so oxygen and essential first aid needs, although rarely needed, are handy on both vessels. Maldives is a renowned dive destination, so a recompression chamber and a hyperbaric doctor are handily accessible on Bandos Island, North Malé Atoll, close to the Airport, Kuramathi in North Ari, and Kureddu further north in Fadippolhu Atoll. The islands’ names unfurl like a string of pearls: Ihuru, Villivaru, Mirihi, Dhiffushi, Kuramathi, Mahaana elhi Huraa. Like those coveted gems, the coral-encircled islands of Maldives have been treasured since ancient times both for their beauty and for their precious borders. In bygone era, these islands were prized for their strategic position along tremendously important trade routes and as the source of cowrie shells, a form of currency once used in Asia and parts of East Africa. Ships plied the waters between the islands, Arabia, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Java and Sumatra. Nowadays, Maldives is even more renowned for the treasures that lie under those very seas, including the haunting, coral covered shipwrecks that serve as poignant reminders Scuba DUI drysuitsof piratical days. First settled by fisherman who drifted on the winds from the coasts of India and Sri Lanka millennia ago, chiefs or headmen first governed individual islands in the Maldives. Later, the fiat of Malé-based kings and queen the Radun and Ranin encompassed the expanding island nation. What a challenge it must have posed in those ancient times to unite a country formed of what is currently more than 1,190 far-flung coral islets, only 200 of which are now inhabited. Together, Maldives’ scattered atolls span an impressive area of 35,20 square miles though some peek only head-high above sea level and none rise taller than a one-story building. Influenced culturally by both its near neighbors, Sri Lanka and India, and the Islamic seafarers who traded on the islands, Maldives also represents a more global sensibility Dive Maldives with DUIdue to waves of colonial rule in the region, which brought Portuguese, Dutch, French and British culture to its shores. In the 19th century, the islands became a British Protectorate, a relationship that ended when Maldives peaceably gained its independence from Britain on July 26, 1965. Ibrahim and Moosa will introduce you to the history and people of the islands as well as the life below the waves. You will enjoy their personalized knowledge. On a visit to Malé, we can assist with recommended restaurants and impressive sites, such as The Old Friday Mosque, housing art treasures considered priceless, and the new Grand Friday Mosque the Masjid-al-Sultan Mohammed Thakurufaan-al-Azzam. Guests also enjoy visits to the Singapore Bazaar and National Museum. Water sports can be arranged at many locations, from benign Dive Maldives with DUIcanoe paddles to more daring parasailing and windsurfing. The islands are not a hub of nightlife but instead are the ideal choice for the sun-worshipper or active diver looking for an unparalleled experience. ITINERARY
  • Airport transfers in Male
  • 11 Days/10 Nights aboard the Manthiri– based on double occupancy
  • Approximately 3‐4 dives per day for 9 1/2 days
  • All meals, bottled water, juices, coffee, and tea
  • Dive Maldives with DUITanks and weight belts
  • $8/day Bed and 12% Food & Service Taxes
  • DUI Travel Representative Paul Holbrook as your travel guide
  • Airfare
  • One night at the Hulhule Hotel based on double occupancy with airport transfers
  • Departure day hotel use at he Hulhule Hotel with airport transfers
  • Staff tipping, nitrox, alcohol, soft drinks, and any personal purchases
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