Measuring a male diver for a DUI drysuit

How to Measure a Male Diver for a DUI Drysuit

Measuring correctly for a DUI drysuit is a very important step in the ordering process.  DUI takes measurement at certain locations.  These could be vastly different from the locations you usually take a measurement from or very different from those a tailor might take.  Please make sure and watch the video closely.  We also have Drysuit Measuring Instructions available online.  This is a free download.  Please make sure and review the information carefully.  If you have a question send us an email or give us a call at (800) 325-8439. DUI manufactures all our drysuits in San Diego, CA, USA!  We are proud to design and build a drysuit made just for you.  In just a few weeks you can design and order your Signature Series DUI drysuit made to your measurements.  Remember this allows you to select the seals, pockets, abrasion pads, drysuit boots, and more.  Have a special patch you want installed?  We can do that to.   Follow the video and our measuring directions carefully. You can down load additional measuring instructions by clicking here. Any questions please contact our Customer Support at Take your time. Follow the video and measuring instructions. The person being measured should be relaxed, looking forward and standing up straight. Feet should be approximately 12 inches apart. Measurements are taken in street clothes and without shoes. Use a cloth measuring tape. Lay the tape firmly against skin. Do not indent skin. All measurements are required. All circumference measurements are taken at the widest point. Do not make allowances for undergarments. Remember it's important to take accurate measurements.  DUI will design a drysuit based on the measurements and information provided.  DUI is not responsible for the fit of a drysuit if provided with incorrect measurements or incomplete information. Enjoy watching our video - how to measure a male diver for a DUI drysuit.