Neighborhood Watch - Beware Counterfeit DUI ZipSeals

Neighborhood Watch - Beware of counterfeit DUI ZipSeals Recently DUI has encountered four separate instances in which a DUI neck ZipSeal was returned due to ring separation. Upon inspection, these ZipRings were actually taken apart by someone other than DUI and had a new latex seal installed. In each case, the diver was unaware that this was not an original DUI part. They thought it was a DUI product that was defective. DUI has no instances of neck ZipSeal ring separation with a DUI manufactured product. We are greatly concerned as this can affect the safety of the diver. We realize that there may be people who insist on doing this type of repair in order to save money. But it should never be at a possible safety risk to the diver.   We encourage all DOGs to purchase genuine DUI ZipSeal parts. You can be assured of this as follows:
  • The parts are always in DUI packaging with a header card
  • There are XYZ - eXamine Your ZipSeal - stickers on each ZipSeal
  • The seals are untrimmed - they cannot be worn without trimming

If you have any questions, please contact the DUI Customer Support Team at or (800)325-8439 x1.