Phil Short

Ten Questions with Phil Short
Q. When / where did you start diving? A. Started diving in the United Kingdom in 1990. Q. What motivated you to become a diver? A. I was already an active speleologist (caver) and wanted to learn to dive to enable me to pass flooded sections of caves to gain access to further dry passages beyond. Q. Where have you been? A. I’ve dived in France, Spain, the Balearics, the Canaries, Malta, Guam, Florida, The Caucus and Siberia in Russia, the Gulf of Mexico, and Switzerland and all over the UK. Q. What diving accomplishment are you most proud of? A. Reaching qualified diver status with the British Cave Diving Group (CDG). Q. What is your favorite piece of equipment? A. My OMS steel back plate and harness. Adjusted to perfection for me, all my kit stored in or on it with ease and very comfortable. Q. What is your favorite piece of DUI equipment? A. My TLS signature series suit. Always bone dry and so comfortable it’s like diving without a suit. Q. Who do you admire in the diving community? A. Students, who have a genuine desire to learn, to improve their diving and be safe and who will work hard with their instructor as a partnership to achieve those goals. Q. Do you have any pre-dive, dive, or deco rituals? A. Mentally rehearse each dive in your mind analyzing all the what ifs. Q. Do you know any good dive / fish jokes? A. What do you call a fish with no eyes? …….Fsh. Q. Where can people find out more about you, your courses, and products? A. Scuba diving with DUI and Phil Short Scuba diving with DUI and Phil Short Scuba diving with DUI and Phil Short