Public Safety Diver Program


Diving in contaminated water is a vast and complex topic. DUI's program is based on our 50 years of industry experience keeping divers protected in some of the world's harshest environments. Subjects covered include the various mission profiles encountered in public safety diving and which drysuit system configuration is appropriate. This interactive and hands-on program provides the opportunity to test dive specialized DUI products and the latest in advanced technology for above and below the water. TEST DIVE DUI'S NEW CXO Contaminated Water Drysuit and other systems designed specifically for Public Safety Dive Operations.

TRAINING OPPORTUNITY for your team – certificates awarded

WORKSHOP for Contaminated Water Diving

HANDS-ON testing of surface supplied equipment

EQUIPMENT DEMONSTRATIONS in surface support including line tending and communication

GET FITTED by DUI factory professionals and dealer staff

NETWORK with teams nationwide to review field-proven methods

FREE barbecue lunch

FREE collectors DUI DIVE OPS hat


9:00AM Registration/Sign-in
9:30AM Workshop “Risk Management“
10:30AM Dive Rescue International/IADRS
11:15PM ERDI
12:00PM Lunch (included for all participants)
1:00pm-5:00pm Interspiro Divator Surface Supply System
1:00pm-5:00pm Demo dives (incl. CF200, Public Safety TLS & CXO)


Pre-registration with DUI is requested. While last minute additions are possible, we need to know so we can have the appropriate amount of program materials available. The program will include:
  • Discussion about risks Public Safety Divers encounter and how to minimize those risks. Topics include new technology available for PS Divers to increase safety and successful missions, exposure protection, alternative methods, surface supply advantages, surface support techniques and decontamination procedures.
  • Network with teams nationwide to review field proven methods.
  • Latest research in decontamination effectiveness and practicality
  • A discussion of the pros and cons of various drysuit materials for public safety diver use.
  • Special concerns for public safety diving ops and the unique features of DUI products that address those needs.
  • Demo of all DUI products including drysuits with DUI ZipSeals and the CXO drysuit
  • NEW! Demo Interspiro Divator Surface Supply equipment and full face masks.
  • NEW! Demo the CXO - DUI’s newest drysuit for designed for contaminated water diving
sponsors: IADRS LogoDive Rescue International Interspiro sponsor of Dive OpsERDi sponsor Dive Ops
April 19 Pelham, AL Dive Alabama
May 17 Bethlehem, PA Dutch Springs
May 31 S. Beloit, IL Pearl Lake
June 7 Monterey, CA Monterey Bay
Aug 24 Black River Falls, WI Wazee Lake
Sep 6 Ottawa, OH Gilboa Quarry
Sep 20 Metropolis, IL Mermet Springs
Oct 18 Rawlings, VA Lake Rawlings
Nov 1 Chiefland, FL Manatee Springs
Nov 22 Terrell, TX Clear Springs Scuba Park


  • Diver Certification Card
  • Credit Card and/or Drivers License (for us to keep while you have the test equipment)
  • Swimsuit or Lightweight Clothing (to wear beneath the drysuit insulation – not cotton)
  • Regulator
  • Mask & Snorkel
  • Open Heel Fins
  • A VERY Small Towel (to dry your damp hair!)
  • BC
  • Weights
  • Tank(s)