Selecting Your Diving Insulation

Temperature Guide for Drysuit Diving As the Pirate King said in Pirates of the Caribbean, “The pirate code isn’t really a code, it’s more like guidelines.” The same goes for temperature ratings. They are only guidelines. These ranges are based on average divers doing average dives. However, not all divers are average. Some people feel the cold sooner while some are more tolerant. Other issues that can affect the temperature range in addition to the water temperature are:
>Activity level: >What are you doing underwater? Hunters who swim a lot generate substantially more heat and need less insulation than a photographer who is sitting still trying to get a Morey Eel to smile!
>Body size: >Smaller divers (which includes most women) typically get colder faster because they have a greater percentage of body surface exposed to the cold. Smaller divers usually feel the cold sooner than larger divers.
>Metabolic rate: >Are you the type of person who wears a sweater while everyone else is in short sleeves? Or are you wearing short sleeves when everyone else is wearing a sweater? How your own body works makes a big difference in how much insulation you need.
>Temperature Rating “Guidelines”
>DUI Thinsulate™ Xm250 >50° - 65°
>DUI Thinsulate™ Ultra™X450 >28>° - 45°
>DUI Polartec® PowerStretch® Pro 300 >45° - 60°
>DUI ActionWear Professional 150 >65+°
>DUI ActionWear Professional 300 >45° - 60°
>DUI ActionWear Professional >45 - 60°
>DUI ActionWear Plus 5 Vest >Additional 5° of warmth
In addition to the warmth, different materials offer different advantages. For more information on materials, click here.