Drysuit sizing is our specialty.  Nobody can fit you as good as DUI!drysuit sizing We have the experience of fitting tens of thousands of divers of all body types and shapes for the last 50 years. A DUI is designed to fit closely while allowing you to wear insulation undergarments and provide you with complete freedom of movement. DUI assures an excellent fit no matter what your size. All of our drysuits are divided pretty equally into two versions [blue]SELECT SERIES[/blue] 15 standard sizes for Men 18 standard sizes for Women [blue]SIGNATURE SERIES[/blue] Made-to-Measure No matter what size works best for you, you will get to choose your favorite color, boot style and size, and seal choice including ZipSeals. Even more custom options are available with a DUI Signature Series. ALL DUI drysuits which are custom sized are ready to ship in three weeks or less! WATCH DUI FIT VIDEO  Our quick video shows you how DUI fits divers for the most fun, comfort and enjoyment for diving.  When it comes to drysuit sizing we are the EXPERTS! [caption id="attachment_18141" align="alignleft" width="460"]Daniel Vieira and Romeu Dib - drysuit sizing We can fit anyone![/caption]