Technical drysuitsExplore the deepest seas and the longest caves with DUI drysuit systems.

For over 50 years, DUI has been the premier provider of equipment for divers pushing the envelope. From the famous wrecks such as the Andrea Doria to the longest and deepest cave systems, you will see a DUI patch. Technical divers will have redundant systems for everything except their exposure system. They can rely on their DUI drysuit system to perform each and every dive. While most all DUI equipment can be used, this is our most popular equipment among Technical Divers:
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CF200 Unlimited Durability
A true legend in diving. Over 20 years ago, DUI discovered a method of combining pressure, temperature and time to actually crush neoprene creating a thin, flexible and extremely durable drysuit.
FLX Extreme Unlimited Stealth
It’s an entirely new combination of DUI’s most popular features. Made with a Trilaminate material with polyester outer layers (the same material as the top of the FLX50/50) makes it lightweight, durable and supple.
TLS350 Unlimited Value
Whether you’re a US Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer jumping out of a helicopter, a technical diver mapping a new cave system, a research diver in Antarctica or a recreational diver on any given weekend, the TLS350 drysuit can take you where no one has gone before.
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Thinsulate™ XM250 Jumpsuit
Due to the XM450’s popularity, DUI is pleased to introduce a lighter-weight version for divers wanting the same qualities for warmer waters or shorter duration dives. Temperature Rating* 50 ° – 65°
Thinsulate™ XM450 Jumpsuit
With feedback from divers around the world, DUI combined Thinsulate™ Ultra 400 Insulation Type BZ with Polartec® PowerStretch® to provide the warmest and closest fitting undergarment possible. Temperature Rating* 28° – 45°
Polartec® PowerStretch® Pro
Polartec® PowerStretch® Pro made with double layer all-way stretch Polartec PowerStretch fleece 560 gm/m2. Available in Men’s and Women’s sizing. Also available in Special Production made-to-order sizing. Temperature Rating* 45 ° – 60 °
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BlueHeat™ Heated DiveWear Insulation
For three years, DUI has been diligently developing a diver heating system that will out perform all systems in heating performance and design as well as meet diving safety standards. We are pleased to introduce BlueHeat™.
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