The 'dough boy/michelin man' drysuit leak test

This do-it-yourself video shows how to look for leaks in your drysuit while wearing. This works well to check valves, seals, drysuit zipper and portions of your drysuit. It will be hard to find leaks under overlays using this method. To begin put on your drysuit or have someone else put in on so you can do the testing. You do not need to put divewear on. Close the exhaust valve completely. If you have a drysuit zipper guard leave this open. This will allow you to view the drysuit zipper. Inflate the drysuit using the inlet valve. Spray lots and lots of soapy water on the outside of the drysuit. At DUI we use a mild dish soap with approximately 1 part soap to 10 parts water. Keep spraying and looking for bubbles. Find a leak? Mark it on the outside of the drysuit with something that is not permanent. Rinse your drysuit well and if you can let dry. Need to do any repairs? Do these on the inside of your drysuit. Again making sure the area that will be repaired is completely dry. Make sure and take lots of pictures as this test is worth a good laugh. You can download our Repair Booklet for free just click here. As always, if you have any questions, just give us a call! (800) 325-8439 (toll-free within the USA) or (619) 236-1203 or email us at Special thank you to DUI Team Member Bob Stinton and Mike Mino. Would you like to see additional topics on DOG TV?  Please email us with your suggestions.