The why & how of RockBoots for your drysuit

Dick Long, Founder of DUI, shows off DUI RockBoots and also shows the easiest way to don and secure the boot. A big thanks to Dick who gets roped into these videos at the last minute and who's film crew generally consist of his grandson and a flip video camera. [blue]Step by Step[/blue] How to RockBoot™ System The DUI RockBoots™ are the original, made for diving, RockBoot™. Their unique design makes them the perfect addition to any drysuit. Since these photos were taken our RockBoots have been redesigned. All RockBoots have the same great features. Follow along for some quick tips on the RockBoot™ system. If you would like to purchase a pair of the redesigned RockBoot™ contact your nearest DUI dealer. If you need further information please contact us at This is for demonstration purposes only. As with any SCUBA product it is essential that the diver understand the use of the product prior to using.
The DUI RockBoot™ is really a three part system. First is the attached drysock. Generally this is made from 1.5mm Hyper-Compressed Neoprene with heavy-duty nylon laminate material. You can also have your drysock made from CLX material on a Select Series, Special Production or Signature Series. The second part is your divewear. We strongly recommend that you select the warmest insulation you require for your feet and do not change this - even when water temperatures are warmer. This will ensure that your boot and fins - the divers propulsion system - fit correctly each and every dive. The third part is the RockBoot™. This is an overboot that is worn over your divewear and drysock. The boot is designed for SCUBA diving. Notice it has no raised heel for better fin fit, drain holes for quick drying, low Achilles plate for excellent flexibility, speed lace system, and a Velcro® pull-tab for easy lace attachment.
When you first receive your RockBoots™ you will notice that the laces are long. Very long depending on the size of your RockBoot™. We will show you how to customize the lace length.
Always open the RockBoot™ as wide as possible. Remember that with your divewear and drysock your foot will be bigger. Opening up the boot to its widest point makes it easy to put on.
Once you have determined the LONGEST length YOUR RockBoot™ laces will ever need to be - tie a loop knot in the lace. Make sure the Velcro® tab is between the RockBoot™ and the knot.
Cut the laces just past the knot. If you have a hot knife this is great because it will prevent fraying. If you do not you can take a candle and carefully burn the ends of the laces.
Once you have your RockBoot ™ on pull up on the laces to make the boot fit snug. Move the cord lock (the small, plastic device installed on the laces) down to the top of the RockBoot™. This keeps the laces snug.
Wrap the extra lace around the boot. Take the remaining length and wrap it around the top of the Velcro® tab attached to the back of your RockBoot™.
Now we are going to use that Velcro® tab. Open the Velcro® hook tab and insert the Velcro® pile tab inside and press down. This holds the laces down securely preventing loose ends.
You are ready to dive!