The June 27 & June 28th DEMOTOUR events have been canceled due to mechanical difficulties with the DOG truck these events have been canceled. DUI is working closely with the local participating dealers and we invite you to reach out to your DUI dealer and arrange a private and very personal DUI test dive. We apologies for the inconvenient and appreciate your understanding. Any questions? Contact us by phone at 800-325-8439 or email us at Support@DUI-Online.com.
What is a DUI DEMOTOUR Event?
DUI_DemoTourLOGO_2014 For 18 years, DUI has traveled around the USA bringing the drysuit diving experience to over 30,000 divers! Working with the DUI dealers in the area, DUI puts up two circus tents and then fills them with equipment designed and manufactured by DUI, the world's leader in drysuits. Come prepared with your regular dive equipment except for your suit. After you go through registration, we'll fit you with everything you need to dive dry, warm and comfortable. You'll go in the water with a dive leader (no need to be drysuit certified) who will show you the basics on how to use a drysuit. Hungry? We'll have a barbecue lunch and every diver gets a FREE DUI TEST DIVE TEAM hat.
Bring Your Family!
Whether they dive or not, it's a fun event for everyone. Be prepared to have a great time!
Meet The DUI Team
Each event is staffed with DUI Factory Professionals. Test dive BLUEHEAT™ heated divewear insulation. Make sure and and *pre-register for BLUEHEAT™. Whether you want to try drysuit diving for the first time, a DUI drysuit in particular or the best insulation to keep you warm under your drysuit, the DUI DEMOTOUR is the perfect place for you!
$15/DAY Advance Purchase $30/DAY On-Site Purchase. Please note not all locations will have tickets available for purchase.  Check your location.  Some events require advance ticket purchase. BUY NOW Does not include faciility entrance fee, if required
  • TWO HUGE tents filled with DUI drysuits & equipment
  • CHOOSE from more than 120 drysuit systems to test dive
  • TEST DIVE our newest innovations
  • ENJOY the camaraderie of your local fellow divers
  • GET FITTED by DUI factory professionals and expert dealer staff
  • FREE Barbecue Lunch
  • FREE collectors hat
  • JOIN US Saturday night for dinner and presentation at select locations
  • SEE all of the options available to design YOUR ultimate drysuit system
When you arrive, check in at the registration table and complete a liability form. You will need to present your certification card and leave a drivers license or credit card in exchange for the equipment. Bring your regulator with you and we’ll attach a drysuit hose. Then you will set up your tank, BC, regulator and weights so your dive equipment is ready to go. Then it’s off to each station where the DUI Crew will fit you with ZipSeals, DiveWear insulation, drysuit, RockBoots and more. We have DUI Weight & Trim Systems, Ultra Drysuit Hoods, ZipGloves and even extra fins if yours don’t fit. At the waters edge, you will be assigned a guide who will show you the basics of how to use the drysuit and take you for a dive! You will stay above 40’ and only do what you feel comfortable doing. After returning the equipment, have some lunch, then do it again! The more dives you do in a drysuit, the more comfortable and confident you’ll be … and the more fun you will have!
9:00 am Registration Opens / DEMO Dives Begin
11:00 am - 2:00 pm Barbeque Lunch
4:00 pm Last Diver in the Water *At most events
5:00 pm Event Ends for the Day
6:00 pm Catered Dinner & Presentation (at Select Locations)Requires separate ticket purchase
9:00 am Registration Opens / DEMO Dives Begin
11:00 am - 2:00 pm Barbeque Lunch
3:00 pm Last Diver in the Water
4:00 pm Event Ends *At most events
  • Diver Certification Card
  • Credit Card and/or Drivers License (for us to keep while you have the test equipment)
  • Swimsuit or Lightweight Clothing (to wear beneath the drysuit insulation - not cotton)
  • Regulator
  • Mask & Snorkel
  • Open Heel Fins
  • BC
  • Weights (Your regular weights plus a little extra)
  • Tank(s)
  • A VERY Small Towel to dry your damp hair!
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View Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about the DUI DEMOTOUR
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What is a DUI DEMOTOUR (formerly named DOG Rally) Learn before you go - What happens at Registration Learn before you go - How to select your DUI drysuit insulation Learn before you go - How to select your DUI drysuit model