What women want in their drysuits

In October 2011 DUI - Diving Unlimited International joined with students at the San Marcos College of Business Administration and conducted a survey to female divers. Two of the top attributes female divers look for in their drysuit system is the ability to easily put on and take off their drysuit. In this short video we show just how easy it is to put on and take off your DUI drysuit. Remember when wearing a wetsuit a woman needs to pull the narrow waist up over the hips. This makes life difficult when getting ready to dive. With a DUI drysuit you don't have this narrow waist. Making life much easier when dressing and undressing. Watch - it's easy. DUI would like to thank the students who prepared the survey: Ali Homayounfar, Dalton Horan, Eva Mcconnell, Samantha Scarpelli, Jessica Showalter, and Sarah Villanueva. Thank you to the female divers who responded to the survey and provided feedback. As always, if you have any questions, just give us a call! (800) 325-8439 (toll-free within the USA) or (619) 236-1203 or email us at Support@DUI-Online.com. Would you like to see additional topics on DOG TV?  Please email us with your suggestions.