Why Choose DUI?

Here are four key reasons, all reflecting the incredible value you get when you dive DUI: [green]1. FIT[/green] Nobody can fit you as good as DUI. We have the experience of fitting tens of thousands of divers of all body types and shapes over the years. A DUI drysuit is designed to fit closely while allowing you to wear insulation undergarments and provide you with complete freedom of movement. DUI assures divers an excellent fit no matter what your size. Our drysuits are divided pretty equally into two versions:
  • [blue]SELECT SERIES[/blue] 33 standard sizes for men & women Choose your boot style & size Seal choice including ZipSeals
  • [blue]SIGNATURE SERIES[/blue] Made-to-measure sizing Choose your boot style & size Seal choice including ZipSeals Even more custom options
[green]2. CHOICE[/green] No two divers are alike. DUI gives divers more choices than any other drysuit manufacturer:
  • Versions DUI has more uniquely designed drysuit styles than anyone else in the world for Recreational, Technical, Military, Public Safety, Commercial, and Scientific Divers.
  • Style Nothing looks as good on a diver as a DUI.  It looks just like it is made for you – because it is!
  • Sizing Choose made-to-measure or from 15 men’s and 18 women’s standard sizes
  • Design Design your drysuit to be as unique as you are from over 33 color choices. Our Signature Series gives you even more options for design.
[green]3. INNOVATION[/green] Over a 50-year span, the list of DUI diving innovations is very long, making us the envy of the diving industry. Here are just a few for our drysuits:
  • Zipseals An exclusive DUI patent enabling divers to replace drysuit seals instantly
  • ZipGloves Add warm, dry gloves to your drysuit in minutes
  • QuickZip A DUI patent that makes it easy to put on your drysuit and minimizes zipper stress
  • RockBoots Superior ankle support, traction and durability
  • CF200 Drysuit Material DUI crushes 3mm to 1mm for the most durable drysuit in the world
  • Warm Neck Collar Keeps your neck warm and reduces water flow into the hood
  • Telescoping Torso A DUI patent until the late 90’s, this invention makes it easy to don your suit yourself and allows more freedom of movement with a trimmer fit
  • Flared Hose Disconnect Easy to use even when wearing gloves
  • DUI is constantly conducting Research & Development resulting in numerous inventions and patents. Our latest – BlueHeat Heated DiveWear Insulation – the next evolution in diver comfort.
[green]4. COMMUNITY[/green] Even though we approach every diver’s needs individually, DUI has brought groups of divers together to have fun and explore places wetsuit divers just cannot endure. It starts with the DUI Team – here to help you before, during and long after making your drysuit investment. It extends to more than 400 dive retailers and worldwide distributors. And it culminates with our DUI Owner’s Group (DOGs) who actively gather to travel or meet at one of our annual DEMOTOUR events across the US. Visit a DEMOTOUR event near you this year to try a DUI for yourself. Because we are confident that once you try a DUI drysuit, you won’t settle for anything less.