Why dive a DUI drysuit?  Watch our short video and find out.

Why Dive DUI Drysuit?

Why dive DUI DrysuitIt's no fun being cold. Can you remember the last time you were really cold and still had fun? FUN and COLD rarely go together unless you’re a polar bear. Where you're wet you lose body heat 25 times faster than when you are dry. It really is that simple. But is it enough just not to be cold? Not at DUI. At DUI we are about being warm and comfortable so instead of shivering you can focus on everything that made you want to be a diver in the first place the joy and experience of being underwater. So what does it mean to be comfortable on a dive? It means fit. When something keeps you warm and gives you freedom to move and fits you like it was tailored for you that's comfort. And that's what we do at DUI. With an incredible range of extended sizes and a special production made to measure department we can fit anybody. You can say we are fit to be dived. To learn more about the joys of diving dry and why DUI is the best at keeping you warm and comfortable view our DUI DOG of the Week drysuit divers, review our technical article area and lots more. Have a question? Contact us at Support@DUI-Online.com for view our contact information here.

When you Dive DUI Drysuit You Get DUI –

  • [caption id="attachment_127958" align="alignright" width="350"]drysuit_pockets_size We pay attention to details.[/caption] A truly custom drysuit designed by you and guaranteed to fit
  • Ready for delivery in three weeks or less from receipt of your order at the DUI factory
  • Select from several different models of drysuits all designed for maximum comfort
  • Enjoy peace of mind with our 7 Year Warranty
  • Over 50 years experience in designing, building and creating the world’s best thermal protection garments for divers worldwide.
When you dive a DUI drysuit you are 'FIT' to be Dived!

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