Why do I want a drysuit for warm water scuba diving?

Did you know there are more cases of hypothermia in the Caribbean than in colder water locations? That’s because people don’t realize the impact that being in water cooler than them (cooler than 98.6°) can have on their body. Will you get hypothermia? Probably not. But you don’t have to get cold to feel cold. Feeling cold is no fun and a crummy way to spend a vacation. In water, you lose heat 25 times faster than you do in the air. Just using a drysuit will make a huge difference. And by being able to adjust what you wear underneath depending on your dive profile, you can increase your bottom time, improve air consumption and, more importantly, substantially enhance your comfort and enjoyment. This is because each time you go into the water, your body gets colder.

After the first dive:

  • Some skin/surface cooling.
  • Skin reheats during rest period but leaves some subsurface cooling.
After the second dive:
  • Additional diving re-cools the skin and increases level of subsurface cooling.
  • Skin reheats during rest period, but subsurface cooling increases, affects comfort, and diving requires more effort.
On subsequent dives:
  • Additional dives re-cool skin and add substantially to subsurface/body heat content drop.
  • Reheating of the skin takes an extended amount of time. Body heat content drop causes increased fatigue and enjoyment ceases
To help divers get the most of their warm water dive vacations, DUI has created a drysuit designed especially for them. It is made with breathable/waterproof trilaminate material with M3 Technology giving you the protection you need in the water yet comfortable to wear out of the water, too. Features include a streamlined fit, self-donning zipper and Zip latex seals at the neck, Zip latex at the wrists and dry socks. A DUI Coronado drysuit can not only help you make the most of your Caribbean dive vacation, but it can significantly add to the enjoyment of it.

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