Why Fit Matters


When it comes to selecting the right drysuit, do your homework. All drysuits are not created equal. Think of it like a car—sure, they all have an engine, steering wheel and four tires, but there’s a big difference between a little economy car, an SUV, a sports car and a luxury sedan. Better yet, take one out for a test dive first!

Fit Matters

Try on the drysuit with the thickest undergarments you plan on using, then put yourself through a series of range-of-motion tests. Sit, squat, bend your knees as if putting on fins, roll up in a ball and reach one arm across to the other arm. These motions are all important to your ability to function under water. It is better to have a suit that is a bit too large than one that restricts movement.

Cool Features

Seals - Usually latex, these are on your neck and wrist. They only need to be snug enough to keep the water out, not restrict blood flow. Concerned about ripping a seal in the field? New technology like DUI’s ZipSeals makes replacing seals a cinch. Just “zip” on a new seal in less than a minute and you’re ready to go.

Gloves - Now that we’ve got a warm body, what about hands? Sure, you can use wetsuit gloves, but why would you, when there are other options that not only keep your hands warmer, but give you better dexterity, too? DUI has ZipGloves that incorporate into your drysuit, giving you the warmest and driest hands possible.

Making your Drysuit your Own

Don’t fit a stock size? Don’t like the stock color? And that darn boot size is too small? No problem. Many companies offer extended sizes or even tailored drysuits to fit every body. DUI has over 25 color options, limited edition fabrics, and 4 overlay designs which offer hundreds of combinations to truly design your own drysuit.

Accessories - Pockets, kneepads, hoods, oh my! There are lots of cool accessories that can be added to your drysuit.

Warranty - Since you’re spending a bunch of money, what happens if something goes wrong? Compare warranties and read the fine print. Read DUI's warranty.

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