P-Valve OMS

SKU: OM70100

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Product Description

One of the best things a diver can do to be prepared for a dive is to be adequately hydrated. Optimal hydration requires begins 12-24 hours before the planned dive. As your dive time increase you become gradually more challenged with how to remain hydrated. Part of the process of staying hydrated and being comfortable underwater is having the ability to urinate.

The OMS P-Valve has been developed from feedback provided from divers with years of experience underwater. The patented P-Port system allows the diver to remove and replace the P-Valve so that it can be cleaned, or simply removed for dives where it is not required.

Long duration dives require the need to “answer nature's call”, however, every dive may not necessitate a P-Valve. The OMS P-Valve has the unique ability to have the Balance valve removed and replaced with a waterproof pressure-proof blank. This also allows the diver to clean and rebuild the valve when necessary but keep the drysuit in service. Our unique bayonet mount keeps the valve from accidentally being removed when the diver manipulates the “on-off knob” during the dive.

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