Diver's Alert Marker, 3.3' Long (1 Meter), Hybrid - Flood

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Our flood damage from the 2024 rain storm is your gain. All of these items have been cleaned and reduced in price. Most do not have any packaging or product hang tags.

All flood items are non-returnable.
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Product Description


This new OMS 'hybrid' SMB is designed with a self-sealing open bottom allowing a diver to inflate it using the  second stage of a regulator, but also has a no-lock LP inflator to inflate it with any (drysuit etc.) hose which also permits oral inflationcovering  all methods of inflation. The SMB is a 3.3' version of the OMS 6' Hybrid  and has an Over Pressure Release Valve. It is available in orange and yellow.


  • “NoLock” Inflator keeps BC hose from locking on
  • Dump/overpressure valve with manual pull cord
  • Nylon loop to aid in stowing when deflated
  • Stainless Steel “D” ring for attaching line
  • 3.3 feet long (1 meter) or 6 feet


    Before using this equipment, divers are recommended to seek instruction under the guidance of a qualified instructor. This link is designed to offer tips for better deployment of surface marker buoys from depth. This is a skill that should be practiced under the guidance of a qualified instructor. Click to read article


    NOTE: Printed messages on SMB can vary

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