Written by Kathy Long, Diver & DUI Web Systems Manager August 20163030 travel drysuit and Rocio Del Mar Last week I returned from an amazing dive trip exploring the wonders of the Sea of Cortez on the Rocio Del Mar.  It was truly an epic adventure and I enjoyed the diving immensely. Even with the anticipated warmer water temperatures I took along a DUI 3030 Travel Drysuit as my main suit in my dive gear bag.  So what did I learn diving both dry and wet? When I first took out DUI's 3030 Travel drysuit it was hard for others not to notice her.  Blazing away with the hot pink overlay it just stands out in a crowd of blue and black suits. And of course it's not a wetsuit and this garners looks and comments like 'why a drysuit in this weather'?  I chatted briefly with others before moving along donning my dive gear. With the warm water temperatures I used my EcoDiveWear as the only thermal insulation layer and I quickly donned the drysuit.  When I say quick I do mean quick.  It pulls on like my favorite pair of worn blue jeans.  No struggle over the hips and definitely no baby shampoo as many of the wetsuit divers were using.  I donned the rest of my dive gear and headed to the boat to wait for the rest of the divers in our group. 3030 travel drysuit and warm watersI learned one can spend a bit of time waiting for other divers (OK I actually already knew this).  I found sitting in the sun, in the 3030 to be quite comfortable.  This is due to the breathable fabric used in this model.  It amazes me how it allows perspiration to go out and keep water from coming in. Technology is GREAT! When I was wearing the 3030 I never had the 'oh my gosh I just hit the water and it's colder than me' feeling.  I just rolled back into the water and headed down.  We had thermoclines on each and every dive although when I was wearing the drysuit it was a non-event. It's hard to compare diving dry vs. diving wet without diving wet.  So I pulled out my nice and shiny Henderson wetsuit and figured I give her a few dives as well.   I will say I enjoy this suit.  It fits me.  Meaning it's just the right size.  It's 3mm so it's very light and stretchy.  That being said it was a little more work to put on.  For women, and this is in general, pulling the size of your waist over your hips is just work.  Once on, it is super comfy. I did notice hitting the water. After diving dry it is quite a 'shock' to get that cold water feeling reminding me 'Oh yes, I'm diving wet ;)'. 3030 travel drysuitWouldn't you know I decided to wear the wetsuit on the 'let's feed the fish' dive.  This dive required us all to remain very still for periods of time.  And wouldn't you know the thermocline actually moved in...while we were remaining still. It was a chilly dive and I was happy to start swimming and move on from fish feeding.  What can I say - I'm a cold wimp.  My favorite dive buddy, Susan Long, stayed tried and true and wore her 3030 each and every dive. On this trip we had the best sea lion dive EVER!  It was fantastic!!!  The sea lions were very curious and stayed with us the entire dive.  We also had one of the BEST octopus shows I've been treated to. The sunrises were incredible and the sunsets were beautiful. It was a spectacular trip. If you are looking for a warm water adventure to the Sea of Cortez or want to head down to Socorro I would highly recommend the Rocio Del Mar's operation.  It was first class all the way.  During our ride back to port we heard a small presentation on their new endeavor Quino El Guardian which is focused on citizen science.  Susan is already out on the Quino and I can't wait to hear about her trip. And if you are headed for a liveaboard and doing multiple dives over multiple days you just might consider taking along a DUI 3030 Travel Drysuit on your next adventure. 3030 travel drysuit adventures I love my 3030 drysuit on board Rocio Del Mar