DUI Innovations - TOMi - How We Make Custom Drysuits From Your Measurements

TOMi - Total Order Management Integration

DUI TOMi Gerber Laser Fabric Cutting MachineAs DUI developed the drysuit market through the decades, we created a niche that we refer to as "mass customization" of drysuits.  In order to accommodate the manufacturing and marketing of this capability, DUI purchased and utilizes a Gerber cutting machine.  To effectively use this cutting machine, DUI developed custom proprietary software for the machine and named it TOMi (Total Order Management Integration).

TOMi uses 22 individual body measurements of each diver and in addition to custom fitting the drysuits, it allows for a multitude of color and pattern and accessory combinations within each suit.  This avails the diver to truly create their own unique suit.  We have made thousands of suits for divers ranging from 95 - 400 lbs.

The TOMi development process automated 40 years of pattern creating and helped make an art form into a science.  Combined with DUI's quality, this helps us keep an edge in an increasingly competitive world, to continue manufacturing in the USA and be recognized as the benchmark in the industry.


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