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DUI CF200™ - It's a Patented Process Only DUI manufacturers drysuits from crushed neopreneYears ago we developed a new material for drysuits. It was good. Really good. It was so different from anything else that we had it patented. DUI found a way to take foam neoprene and crush it making the neoprene tougher, more flexible, and more comfortable than any foam neoprene on the market. We called it CF200. Since that time CF200 material has been the standard by which all other drysuits are measured. But don't take our word for it. Just ask one of the thousands of CF200 drysuit owners of suits that are more then 10 years old and still in the field. Did we say that we had the patent on this material? You bet we do. And we are proud of it. We have heard and seen other drysuit manufacturers that say their compressed neoprene is the same as DUI's crushed neoprene. THIS IS A LIE. But hey, it's your money and you can spend it as you like.

There is a difference between crushed neoprene and compressed neoprene.

A big difference. All neoprene used in diving is considered compressed neoprene. It is manufactured under a compression process. Make sense? A good example of why foam neoprene (also often called compressed neoprene) doesn't make a good drysuit is look at your old wetsuit. You'll notice that the knees and elbows get mushy. This is from the impact of your knees against a hard surface. When you do this it ruptures the cells inside. The cells eventually rupture into one another creating seepage A.K.A. your drysuit is now a wetsuit. And once this starts, it'll never be dry again. With a DUI CF200 drysuit we first build the suit and then put it under a precise amount of pressure, for a precise amount of time and at a precise temperature. This crushes all of the cells. The cells do not rupture, rather the cell membranes flatten against one another. Your DUI CF200 will not change thickness at depth. Some manufacturers even "claim" to have taken a thicker piece of material and "compressed" it down to a thinner thickness, like they compress 4mm to 2mm. THIS IS FALSE. Want to see for yourself? Pick up the 2mm suit and the 4mm suit. They should weigh the same. But they don't. Bottom line - your CF200 material will far outlast any compressed neoprene on the drysuit market. Your purchase today will be around far longer than your buddy's compressed neoprene drysuit. DUI CF200 crushed foam neoprene drysuit

For more information: Drysuits Made From "Compressed" vs. "Crushed" Neoprene. What is the Difference?


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