Installing DUI SI-5 Gloves - Tips for Easier Installation

MVC-005S innerring
  • Get ready. For easy installation have a cup of soapy water. Place approximately two tablespoons of dishwashing soap in a small cup. Fill about half way with water and mix.
  • Place your drysuit so the seam on the sleeve is facing up.
  • Place the hard wrist ring on the table. Make sure the lip of the ring is facing away from the drysuit towards the glove. This locks into the soft ring on the drysuit.
  • Place the glove palm side up.
  • Your ready to go!
MVC-006S innerring Pull the glove over the hard inner ring. You should have about 1" of sleeve over the end of the ring. MVC-007S Check to make sure the sleeve is even around the ring. You should have about 1" of glove over the edge of the hard inner ring. MVC-008S TIP: You want to line up the middle of the palm with the seam of the drysuit. To do this reach inside the glove and pull the center of the palm toward the hard ring. Hold in place. MVC-009S Apply the soapy water generously to the outside of the SI-5 glove. Mvc-010s350 Apply soapy water generously to the inside of the installed ring on your drysuit MVC-011S Press down on the drysuit. This makes the circle into an oval shape. It's important to do this. It will make inserting the hard wrist ring much easier. MVC-012S Holding the position of the palm slide the hard wrist ring into the drysuit ring. MVC-013S Checking placement of the glove allow the inner ring to move upward towards the drysuit seam. TIP: We marked the drysuit seam in white pencil on this photo so you could see how we were aligning the rings. Mistake TIP: Make sure that the glove fingers extend out of the drysuit. Otherwise you will be installing the gloves inside-out. MVC-014S Using a table or hard surface for back pressure - press the inner ring up to meet the soft drysuit ring. Mvc-015s350 Press and adjust MVC-017S Press and adjust MVC-018S Again you can use a table or hard surface. Make sure the inner ring locks into the glove on the drysuit ring. It will look flush with the outside of your drysuit. MVC-019S IMPORTANT Make sure the inner ring is flush with the outer ring as shown in this picture. Check ring location MVC-020S Check your installation by gently pulling on glove MVC-021S Check the glove. You want to make sure it is smooth without ridges or bumps. Mvc-022s350 Check the inside of the glove. Making sure no ridges or bumps are visible. GREAT JOB!