Some History of DUI - Diving Unlimited International

By Divers, for Divers. Much of DUI's success can be traced to the fact that the people who develop our drysuit technology are experienced divers who understand divers' thinking and physical requirements. Every new concept we develop is rigorously tested by our staff of test divers, then fine-tuned through a series of modifications and retested until it meets the DUI standards of performance. Communication is an important part of our operations. We are in constant contact with divers to assess their changing equipment requirements. Superb Craftsmanship. In the diving world, DUI craftsmanship is without equal. Every suit is handmade and treated as if it's being prepared for the deepest dive in the harshest conditions. In our view, true craftsmanship can only be gained through experience, and that is where DUI separates itself from the rest. The Highest Quality. No drysuit leaves the DUI plant until it has passed what many feel are the highest quality standards in the industry. "Quality" also applies to our customer service program. We provide a full after-sale program that ensures your system functions at peak efficiency. Making History. The accomplishments of Dick Long and his staff have played a key role in the evolution of diving. As long ago as the early 1960's, Mr. Long was working with the Underwater Demolition Teams to provide longer-lasting underwater protection. His initial success led to a consultation assignment with SeaLab II, which was deployed off the coast of La Jolla, California. From there, he was called on by the offshore oil industry to provide solutions that allowed their divers to remain underwater longer. His hot water systems enabled the divers to significantly increase their dive time. A diving equipment retailer at the time, Mr. Long sold the business and focused his energy on improving diver performance and comfort. The goal was to create a drysuit that would approach the same level of thermal protection as a hot water suit. Along with chief engineer Bob Stinton, he developed a number of technological advances -- company patents -- that have since become the industry standard. These breakthroughs have given divers the means to increase the depth and duration of their dives in the harshest of conditions. To this day, Mr. Long remains very active in testing, applying his extensive knowledge to the ongoing evolution of DUI's drysuit technology.