The MACAW® by

Intelegard logo MACAW decontaminating a DUI Public Safety DrysuitThe fully portable Macaw provides versatile power in the world’s first totally independent Compressed Air Foam(CAF) backpack. Ease of operation has been combined with rugged construction to create a portable CAF system that is reliable and ready for instant response in the most demanding response situations. The Macaw can multiply five gallons of carried foam solution into as much as 300 gallons of expanded foam. Compressed air foam is ideal for decontamination operations by expanding the solution, providing even coverage, maximizing wet contact with the contaminant, providing visual reference for coated surfaces and suppressing fumes and vapors while decontamination processes take place. Five gallons of foam solution can decontaminate 10 divers and their dive gear. The patented Macaw system is truly multifunctional. You can use the Macaw to apply decontamination foam to a diver and their dive gear. You can also minimize contact with fuel contamination by using the Macaw to apply a fuel barrier of Fire Foam. Simply rinse out the tank and fill it with the appropriate solution for the situation. MACAW Unit


  • Operating pressure: 100 PSI (6.9 BAR)
  • Air cylinder sizes: 5.5”–7” (14cm – 20cm) diameter, 19”- 22” (43cm – 61cm) length
  • Liquid capacity: 5 gallons (18.9L)
  • Projection distance: Up to 40 ft. (12.2m) with standard smooth bore foam nozzle (included)
  • Cylinder pressure: 2216 – 4500 PSI (150 – 300 BAR)
  • Air use: 45 minute cylinder empties 5 gallon (18.9L) tank up to 4 times
  • Foam expansion: Up to 60:1
  • Unit dimensions: 21.3” H x 15.9” W x 11.3” D (54.1cm x 40.4cm x 28.7cm)
  • Construction: One-piece polyethylene tank with ABS equipment cover suspended on a custom backpack harness with a padded hip belt and lumbar support.
  • System weight: Approximately 60 lbs (27.2kg) fully charged with water and air cylinder
  • Can be configured for operation from standard air compressor
  • Can be adapted to a SCUBA cylinder
  • Available in red or yellow


  • CBRN Decontamination for divers, dive gear and related equipment
  • Critical Exposure Protection
  • HAZMAT Incident Cleanup
  • Vapor/Off-Gassing Suppression
  • Containment of Hydrocarbon Fuel Spills


  • Totally portable for rapid response and access into remote areas
  • Fully independent of hoses or other umbilical support systems
  • Easy to operate with a foolproof point and shoot activation
  • Comfortable for a wide range of body types and sizes
  • Effective in optimizing the performance of CBRN decontamination foams and HAZMAT remediation formulas, Class A, AFFF, AR-AFFF, protein and fluoroprotein formulas
  • Public Safety Drysuit by DUIDependable performance, high-quality construction and components
  • Fully adaptable - utilizes a wide range of air cylinders and solutions
  • Affordable and easily refillable
  • Available in yellow, red, desert sand, black and olive drab green
  • Array of accessory nozzles to optimally fit operational requirements
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